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Finding inspiration in the commonplace

One of a series of boxes that Meredith Annett is creating.

One of a series of boxes that Meredith Annett is creating.

Merdith Annett stopped by the March 28 meeting to share her perspectives on finding and nurturing inspiration. Meredith, an award winning quilter and member of the Mayflower Guild, believes we all have a need to make things and owe it to ourselves to get great enjoyment out of creating.

Meredith recommends filling a journal with words and visuals that appeal to you. Not only can it spur your creativity, she says it helps reveal who you are and what you like. Magazines – all kinds – are a treasure trove of ideas and inspirations for her. And when Merdith is exploring a particular project, she creates an inspiration board. She brought one along to show how she uses different media – fabric, pictures, ribbon, wool, etc – to experiment within a colour range.

Her talk was full of lots of tips. Just a few: a colour grid is a useful tool; a reducing glass can reveal problems with colour values on your design wall; don’t be afraid to waste fabric – if it doesn’t work out, you can always use it in a future project. But above all, do something you’re really proud of!

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