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Farewell to Kathy Ogden

Kathy Ogden

Kathy Ogden

As Mariners gather to start a new season of quilting this month, a valued friend and quilter will be absent. Kathy Ogden, a founding member of Mariners Quilt Guild, passed away in May, just three days after her 73rd birthday. Kathy, an enthusiastic quilter, belonged to the Wannabees quilting bee and was one of the Bell House quilters.

Karen, first president of this guild, remembers Kathy:

Kathy was a friend, a mother and a quilter. Kathy was all about living. Although her body had been breaking down over the past few years, she didn’t allow that to get in her way. During my hospital visits, we’d talk about her children, David and Kim, but also discuss new quilts and the upcoming quilt retreat.

Kathy and I belonged to the same quilting bee (along with Betty, Karen, Jackie, Jane and Lorna), which has been going since 2002. We held annual retreats each September and had fun coming up with new projects for one another and finishing UFOs. When we started Mariners in 2003, Kathy helped find our meeting space and offered to be our first hostess. Many members know her warm smile and welcome.

Kathy, doing what she loved

Kathy, doing what she loved

Kathy became involved in whatever she touched. When she signed on as Hostess for Quilt Canada 2012 at Dalhousie University, I had doubts about her health, but kept my mouth shut. Lucky me! I discovered Kathy was an awesome organizer and planner. Almost all the supplies were purchased with funds donated by local sponsors that Kathy had approached. She was a woman on a mission.

When I last visited Kathy, she was losing awareness of time and people, although David was with her almost constantly during the week before she passed away. I brought her a white hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s. With each sip, she looked at me and said “that’s good!”

I miss Kathy. I’ve always said that if Kathy had been in good health we’d all be sitting in her dust. Her art quilts kept getting better and better. I am sure she’s in heaven stitching together silver linings and puffy clouds with a smile.

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