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In praise of the art quilt: SAQA trunk show

Heather Loney's quilt of the view from Tufts Cove

Heather Loney’s quilt of the view from Tufts Cove

Art quilter Heather Loney (and president of Mayflower Quilters’ Guild) came to Monday’s meeting to talk about the evolution of the art quilt and present SAQA Atlantic’s trunk show. What is SAQA Atlantic? It’s the regional chapter of Studio Art Quilt Associates, an international organization devoted to the promotion of the art quilt. SAQA defines the art quilt as “as a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.” The trunk show displayed the diversity of techniques, styles and materials that art quilters use:

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SAQA promotes the art quilt through education, exhibitions and professional development. Many Mariners probably saw SAQA Atlantic’s first show, Rooted, at the Mary E. Black Gallery in 2012. Interested art quilters can find out more at SAQA – Atlantic Canada

And, as always, Mariners shared their latest quilt projects with each other:

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