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Fifteen ways to strip

The borders mirror the colours in the strips.

The borders mirror the colours in the strips.

Heather Loney stores her fabric stash in see-through containers. When the lids no longer fit, it’s time to make another quilt. One her favourite ways to use up fabric is making strip quilts. No piece of fabric is too small or too narrow. An experienced creator of both art and traditional quilts, Heather stopped by Mariners at our meeting on the 27th to share her ideas in a presentation she likes to call “15 ways to strip”. She gave tips on making quilts from one continuous strip, working with triangles and squares and using strips to make Amish-inspired quilts. She reminded us that even small scraps can be used. Heather collects one-inch strips in a bag, which when full, are ideal for making placemats. Even the narrowest strips can be used – as ribbon when gift wrapping!

Heather has kindly included instructions on creating the strip quilts she showed us.

Here’s some of what she showed us:

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