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A passion for English paper piecing

11feb13Margaret did not like English paper piecing when she first tried it, but now she says she’s obsessed with it. She shared her enthusiasm for English paper piecing in a hands-on session at the first meeting in February.

The English paper piecing technique uses paper templates to stabilize fabric when piecing complex angles together. This maximizes the accuracy of the piecing. Hexagons are the most common shapes created with English paper piecing but the technique can be used for many other shapes.

English paper piecing is a centuries old method of making quilts by hand. Samples go as far back as the early 1700s and was also popular in American pioneer days. The paper templates were often kept in the quilt for insulation. Today, the magazine and paper fragments used for templates provide a glimpse back in time.

The technique has been modernized but the basic procedure remains the same. And we got a chance to try in out with sample kits prepared by Margaret.

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And before that, Mariners shared their recent creations:

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