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Heather Stewart Inspires

At our April 13 meeting we were lucky to have Heather Stewart present some of her work for us.   Members who were able to participate in Heather’s colour workshop on Sunday all raved about the session and promised to bring sample colour studies to future meetings.

Heather showed us some of her incredible quilts and told us the stories that went with them, beginning with her very first quilt, made when she was only 10!  She shared some stories that were entertaining and others that were moving, reminding us that some quilts come with a story and others develop a story of their own.  Heather was also very generous about sharing details of her creative process, particularly some of the inspiration for colour studies she used in design.  It was a treat to have Heather with us, especially as she plans to retire later this year after many years of teaching and travelling across the country – including 18 trips to the Maritimes.  She did mention that she has some time in July if any groups wanted to bring invite her down East.  So what do you think ladies — anyone want to pool resources??

It was a wonderful and inspiring evening.  Thanks Heather!! Come back and visit any time for some Nova Scotia hospitality.

To see more of Heather’s work, visit her website Heather Stewart Quilts.

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