Mariners Quilt Guild

Mariners Quilt Show Oct 3/15

imageOn Saturday last, the Mariners Quilt Show was held in downtown Dartmouth. A beautiful venue at Christ Church Parish Hall, Dundas Street. Thank you to all who came out to help hang the show, greet visitors, sell raffle tickets, etc. You are awesome women. Speaking of awesome, the quilts displayed fall into that category. Take a look at the slideshow of the quilts. If you displayed a quilt and it is not here, that is no reflection on you or your work. It is only that I didn’t capture it – although I tried my best to get every quilt. Please let me know and I will hunt up a picture from someone else’s stash and will edit it into the slideshow. Thank you all for participating.

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Raffle Quilt

Tickets on the raffle quilt were available at the Quilt Show. Many members picked up their tickets and we will have them available for each member to take and/or purchase at the October 26 meeting.  It is a beautiful quilt. Congratulations to all who worked on it.


September Show and Share

As some of you know I can often have difficulty with technology…I lost all the pics from my phone. I tried downloading a recovery program and it did not recover much.  The unfortunate thing is that I used the phone to take pictures at our Show and Share in the early part of September.  I have had some people send me their pics. I am now using my iPad to take pictures and I hope nothing bad will happen there.  So again, my sincere apologies if your picture is missing, and I would be thrilled to photograph it and show it in a later post. Thank you for your patience while I struggle with this website!

Here is September’s show and share, along with pictures from Atlantic Fabrics’s new quilting items, as shown by Heather Brown. As usual, our members had lots of beautiful work to share with us all.

Stay tuned for pictures of the quilt show!

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