Mariners Quilt Guild

November 23rd

Torrential Rain Monday didn’t put a damper on guild night as we had a wonderful turn out and although show and share was small this evening, members enjoyed a lively business meeting,  great conversations, fun exchanges from the “I don’t want it anymore” table, wonderful treats, and the brown bag exchange.

Some members may not have made it to guild due to the bad weather. If you had planned and/or wish to participate in the Brown Bag Challenge and weren’t able to make it to the meeting, please contact Sheila Sutherland at:  Sheila is happy to organize an exchange for the December 14th meeting should there be significant interest.

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KAREN MILLER of Mersey River, NS visited with Mariners

We were delighted that Karen Miller presented us with her trunk show on November 9th.  She provided an interactive experience and was incredibly generous in sharing her ideas, techniques, and thoughts on design.  She allowed questions as she went along, and it was great to be able to have that interaction. I know that many of our members took advantage of her generous nature to query her on how she accomplished her realistic interpretations of photographs, etc. It was truly a wonderful evening. It was much more than a trunk show – we felt that we had just attended a workshop. Thank you Karen.  Following is a slide show of some of her works and images she shared from works in progress to finished pieces.

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October 26 – Show and Share and Film Night

The film night was a lot of fun and even included popcorn, along with the great treats from Robyn and Florence.  Thank you ladies.  I enjoyed the films and especially was moved by the Igor quilts story.  It is wonderful to see how quilts from strangers can effect the lives of so many people who are struggling after a disastrous storm.  Below are the show and share quilts of the evening.

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