Mariners Quilt Guild

Marilyn’s Trunk Show


Marilyn Crawford has been quilting, designing patterns, and teaching for more than 40 years.  For the last ten years or so, she has studied and delighted in older style quilts from different countries.  Her Dutch collection, French Marseille-White Corded Quiltingwork, Broderie Perse, and Redwork were truly inspiring.  Here is a sampling of what she shared with us.

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Next meeting:  January 25, 2016

Marilyn Crawford will be doing a trunk show for our program next Monday. The quilt styles are from about 1800 and from different countries. Marilyn has been exploring this stuff for the last few years and is looking forward to sharing her quilts with us.

You may recall, that in the fall quilt show, she was recipient of a viewers’ choice award for one of her “Dutch” quilts.  Should be an eye-catching evening with these beautiful works.

January 11: SAQA Trunk Show

The trunk show was a wonderful way for Mariners to view and engage with quilts made using a wide variety of styles, techniques, and fibers. The trunk show represented a diversity of techniques and styles which regional SAQA members use in their work.  Each piece was 8 x 8 inches and was presented in a 12 x 12 inch mat. Clear presentation envelopes protect the artwork and permit it to be handled safely. Check out the link here, to view some samples.  Many of our members were inspired by the variety of work.  There was a handout that helped guide members through the process of seeing and understanding the art work. It was a pretty cool evening.

As usually, here are the show and share from the evening:

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