Mariners Quilt Guild

Annual Meeting / Brown Bag Challenge

Monday, May 9th was our annual meeting. The meeting went very smoothly and we have a new executive in place. We are looking forward to a great year ahead. In addition to the meeting, it was also the brown bag challenge reveal.

The task this year, organized by Sheila Sutherland, was for participants to put three fat quarters into a brown paper bag  (known as the brown bag challenge – BBC). Each participant took home a bag – not knowing whom it belonged to.  The big reveal followed the annual meeting. As usual, the talents of our members showed in the beautiful creative work they did for others.  Here are some images from the evening (including a few show and share items).


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April 25- Sheri’s journey to long-arm quilting

Sheri Lund, a Mariners’ member, presented a program of her experiences and journey to long-arm quilting. She profiled her life in Wales and at the Royal Welsh College; her work in costume design with the BBC and other film and art centres. She lived in the middle-east where she was greatly influenced by the architecture and ornamentation and to this day always has a camera ready to photograph great designs for use in quilting. She and her husband and family have travelled widely and we are thrilled that she has settled in Nova Scotia. Sheri’s business is “Violet Quilts and Ivy Binds” named after her two grandmothers . . . and that too is a wonderful story. Loved that she had some images of her great studio space to share – it is awesome.

Thank you so much Sheri for sharing your story and the wonderful slide show presentation. We are sorry to not be able to reproduce it here. Contact Sheri Lund at 902-980-0094


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