Mariners Quilt Guild



Layer Cake Exchange 10″x10″
Members sign up for any exchange in which they wish to participate and receive a list approximately 1 week before the exchange advising how many squares they need to bring for that month’s exchange.
Sept 24 – Sign up for Oct 22 – Christmas Fabrics
November 12 – Sign up for November 26 Poka Dots or Circles
January 14 – Sign up for January 28 Kids Prints
February 11 – Sign up for February @5 – Stripes
March 11- Sign up for March 25 – Florals
April 8 – Sign up for April 22 – off white or Cream tone on tone

Paint Chip Challenge Swap
Prior to Oct 22, 2018 each participating member should choose two paint chips/cards in coordinating colors they love, write their name on the back of them and then seal them in a bag with a meter of fabric that is (or reads as) one of the colors on the paint chips. Each person will swap their bag for another and create a lap quilt top with the colors of the paint chips you receive. You are allowed to add gray, black, or white or cream/beige. Lap quilts should  NOT be quilted. Lap quilt size is roughly 50″x 65’’



Fabric Postcards

You can sew them up entirely by machine or entirely by hand or use a little of both.


– Assorted fabric scraps
– Assorted threads
– Stabilizer or heavy cardstock
– Batting if desired
– Fusible web
– Fibres for couching abound the finished edge – or fused binding

These directions are just a starting point. Once you begin, you will develop your own techniques to create cards in your personal style.

1. Apply fusible web to stabilizer that is slightly larger than 4” by 6” once fused, trim to size.
2. Fuse base fabric that will be the background of your creation to the stabilizer base.
3. Stitch, stamp or collage your creation! (Examples: fuse fabrics in the image of a birthday cake, appliqué hearts, free motion a tree, stitch down a piece of printed silk…)
4. Once you are satisfied with your card, prepare the backing. I will often trim the backing fabric to fit and write my address information and printed message to the recipient BEFORE stitching the two together. This leaves room for error and the ink will not bleed through to the front of the card. This backing may be one layer of fabric, fabric over more stabilizer or a heavy piece of cardstock paper. I find that it is easy enough to lay the backing in place to be stitched without additional fusible web or pinning.
5. Carefully aligning the front and back pieces, zigzag stitch around the perimeter with an open stitch. Then go around the perimeter again. This time, couch a fibre in place to dress up the edge (a cord or decorative yarn works well). If you plan ahead, some of the front stitching can be quilted through the layers to the back. Just be careful to leave a blank area for your message.

6. Sign your artwork.
7. Bring it to the Christmas potluck for an exchange.


Past Challenges


Fussy Cut Challenge: Another wonderful challenge for our guild members suggested by our VIP, Linda McLaren.  This challenge calls for each participant to place a square, ranging in size from 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches of a fussy cut piece of fabric that has some sort of image on it (ie, a cat, a flower, a tree, etc. ) and a piece of paper with their name on it in a brown envelope.  Members will sign up for the challenge prior to or on October 23rd.  The envelopes must be at guild for the October 23rd meeting.  Members will drop their envelopes off and select another one for themselves to work on as a project for the guild year.

Members are to add fabrics and patterns to the fussy cut block they receive. The fussy cut block that is returned should be a minimum size of 16 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches.

Exchanges are to remain a secret until the reveal on May 14, 2018 — it is a secret mission!

It will then be up to the member receiving their completed block back to finish the project however they choose: pillow? cushion? table topper? tablet cover? The sky is the limit.

Fabric Postcards (Due at the Christmas potluck)
You will need assorted fabric scraps and assorted threads / stabilizer and muslin (supplied by guild) / fusible web scraps / fibres for couching around the finished edge, fused binding or a zig zag stitch. You may stitch, stamp or collage your creation! Fuse fabric pieces from your design to the fusible side of your stabilizer.  If you place any images atop these fabrics, use fusible web. Stitch around all the edges of your fused pieces within the postcard (zigzag, straight or other stitches).

Once satisfied with the card, prepare the backing. Trim your muslin to the size of the postcard  (4″ x 6″). Print/stamp/paint your positive message to the muslin and align with the back of your design. Fuse to opposite side of postcard. To finish zigzag stitch around the perimeter. Then go around the perimeter again if you like, this time, couch a fibre in place to dress up the edge (a cord or decorative yarn works well). If you plan ahead, some of the front stitching can be quilted through the layers to the back. Just be careful to leave a blank area for your message.

Sign your artwork and bring it to the Christmas potluck for an exchange.


2016-2017 CHALLENGES

Mini quilt challenge – due at pot luck on December 12, 2016

Maximum size 24 x 24 – no larger, but can be smaller.
Pieces within quilt – no larger than 2 inches finished
Enjoy this little project. We look forward to seeing your creations in December.

President’s Challenge: Due May 8, 2017

Quilt a house – any house. It can be an historic home, family home, whatever suits your fancy.

Any technique, but the one we discussed for the purpose of the challenge was  a collage technique.  Here is a sample of houses down in “cut paper collage” which can serve as inspiration. Amanda White did a series of “writers’ houses” – click here to view.

The challenge is for a wall hanging size and we hope to do a display of them at the quilt show next spring.

2015-2016 CHALLENGES

President’s Challenge
This year’s challenge celebrates the history of quilting. There are no restrictions on size or style. It can be a modern twist on a time honoured pattern, a traditional technique, a quilt using heritage fabrics, or an art quilt honouring the tradition of women gathering together to socialize and create.  My hope is that these quilts will form the basis for a display at our next quilt show in 2017… Canada’s 150th birthday.  Due May 23 – year end potluck.

Brown Bag Challenge
First of all, let’s talk about your stash. Close your eyes. Picture it—all those colours, patterns and textures. Now think of three fat quarters you love. Although they seem to go together, you’ve never found the perfect project for them. Perhaps someone else will be inspired for you. This is the start of the brown bag challenge. Due at the AGM May 9th.

Brown Bag Challenge

2014-2015 Challenges

President’s Challenge
This year’s challenge will have a global effect. The challenge will be to choose a flag from the country of your choice and design your quilt with only the colours found in that flag. You will also need to include something that represents that country such as a symbol, national flower, or what it is known for. ex: Canada might be a beaver, maple leaf or hockey. This quilt can be any size from a wall hanging to a queen size quilt. The reveal will be at the year end potluck. Have fun!

Lunch Box Challenge 
The Lunch Box Challenge proved so popular that it is back again this year. Coordinated by Jackie Logan, this challenge calls for each participant to make a lap-size quilt topper for another participant. Designs are created around fabric each participant placed in their lunchbox. Exchanges are a secret until the day of the reveal but participants are encouraged to send ‘teasers’ to their recipient through Jackie in person at the meetings or by email at  Add to the excitement by sending a note, swatches, sample pics or other hints to your recipient – but be careful not to blow your cover.  This is a secret mission!

2013-2014 Quilt Block Challenge The idea came from a a challenge piece that was in the exhibit at the Mary Black Gallery of the quilts of Polly Greene. Margaret Swift, playing detective, sourced out this block from one of Polly’s quilts. It will lend itself to many interpretations – traditional and modern. We would love to see your interpretation of this great block. Quilt Block Challenge 2013-14

2013-2014 President’s Challenge For our 10th anniversary year, the president issued a challenge for a quilt of celebration.
President’s Challenge 2013-14



Art Group Challenge
Ten Mariners have signed up to create a fractured picture based on photos supplied by fellow Mariners Jacqueline A and Deanne Hemphill. Results:

Quebec City Door The framed barn door, created for the Art Quilt Challenge by Noreen, Paulette, Edith, Rosalie and Kristina.


Lunch Box Challenge
21 Members of the Mariners Quilt Guild signed up for the Lunch Box Challenge – check out the May 20th blog post to see the results. Mariners Lunch Box Challenge.